This is advanced concept product that it converts motor’s rotation to rectilinear motion and this motion creates fluid flow through up-and-down motion.

The result is to minimize concentration and temperature variation within digester tank and ultimately enhance digestion efficiency.


Secure reliability through joint research with state-owned company

Through joint research with Daegu Metropolitan City Environmental Installations corporation, product’s reliability is secured

Design with low power specification, energy-saving is achieved

Compare to gas and rotation type, TM mixer consumes much less power

Design in weight lightening specification, installation on existing digestion tank is possible

Additional facility as baffle is not needed due to weight lightening design

Improve maintenance efficiency

Weakness in maintenance for gas and rotation type has been resolved

‘Excellent Performance Certification’ acquired on Vertical Hydrofoil Mixer (Flocculator).

Issued by the Small and Medium Business Administration (No. 13-216)

The only Mixer (Flocculator) for water and wastewater treatment that has achieved ‘Excellent Performance Certification’

Compare to 1st generation, 19 to 47% Mixing force improvement and to 2nd generation, 10 ~ 23% improvement