Specialized in Mixer / Agitator over 20 years-Vital Equipment in Environmental and Other Industries

-   Corporate Name : WOOJIN CO.,LTD

-   Established Date : 1992 / 10 / 13

-   Business : Industrial Mixer / Agitator, Control system, Design and Diagnose Mixing Process

-   Others: ISO9001 / ISO 14001 certified

No.1 Market Share in Korea for Mixer / Agitator in Environmental Water Treatment Plant

-   Supplied over 5,000 units in both Domestic and Overseas


Carried out numerous National Research Projects through Self-Reliance on Technology

-   R&D laboratory affiliated with the company

-   Venture company that commercializes patent technology

-   Participated G-7 environment technology development project

-   KEPCO’s KEPAR Project consigned and developed Company

-   Participated Side Entry Mixer for FGD Process on the option to purchase

-   Participated joint research for development of anaerobic Digestion Tank’s Mixer


Able to develop the most Optimized Mixer / Agitator with various Analysis, Design, and Verification Techniques

-   Possess cutting edge equipment as PIV, CFD, FEM and others

-   Many experience engineers